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Tank Commander LD.

This is my entry to the LD72 hour game jam.

You take control of a tank crew who cannot leave the body of a battle tank. You do not control the tank directly, instead you must give instructions to your crew and assign them to the various functions within.

Getting started:

Commander: Assign a commander to view the game world outside of the tank.

Driver: Assign a driver to .. eh, drive the tank

Loader: Needed to reload the main gun

Gunner: Needed to rotate and fire the main turret.

Fix Engines/Turret/Hull: Assign a crew member to fix one of these components

Ext. Guns: Assign a crew member to sit outside and fire at the enemy.

Hint: I didn't have enough time to add any proper objectives or levels, so this is just about driving around and shooting things.

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Published Dec 13, 2016
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