A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Tachyon-R: A brutally fast futuristic racing game. 

Tearing around the narrow tracks at breakneck speeds can be deadly enough, but factor in the opponents and it becomes insane - 'more [opponents] you have, the worse it is ..'


I'm extremely happy with how this compo worked out and with what I achieved. I've long ago giving up the idea of finishing a complete and fun game within the 48 hour limit, as this just seems way too difficult - so instead this time I've concentrated on a genre of game I've never attempted before: a racing game.

I used a library which I have been building up over the last 7-8 Ludum Dares and this time around I had to write (copy/paste from stack overflow) some new methods for particular collision/response code but I still managed to get a full track generator, track/car physics and a crude A.I. racing around. The challenge is definitely shallow: simply finish the track without exploding.

As usual, I left too little time to do any decent graphics and I totally neglected soundFX/music (the only music is from Incomputech: of course I disabled the sound rating).

There is definitely a lot of room to expand on this game in coming weeks: pickups, weapons being the obvious missing components to make this a proper 2d wipeout clone - and better track generation with loops, intersections and jump would be cool. The vehicle physics are quite fun, although there is no real opportunity to use the hand-brake which is a shame.



WASD   - movement
SPACE  - Air-brake
M      - Toggle music on/off


* Linux Version

Please note that although I have uploaded a Linux version of the game, when I tested it the timing functions are messed up (some components are crazy fast while others are too slow). I was using Ubuntu with OpenSDK 1.8.0 - maybe it works for you (I'd love to hear)? 


Tachyon-R (Windows / Java Needed) 9 MB
Tachyon-R Windows.zip 73 MB
linux x64.zip 11 MB


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32bit build please? :P

Hey @tito76 - could you let me know, does this new build work on your x32 machine? Thanks!

Works but the gfx make jumps each 1-2 seconds.

It's a good base, only too fast for the restricted visual... so need to memorize all the track and can't see rivals in time.

My suggestion is to zoom out or speed down. :)

thanks for trying it out.
I'm not sure, but the lagging graphics could be due to GC collection which I didn't pay enough attention to while doing the physics. You are definitely correct about the game being too fast; but that was intentional. When I made it slower, it was very boring :)

I'd like to clean up the code next weekend and release a tidy-version which I hope would run better.

Uh, good! And about a zoom out view option?